Kamloops, British Columbia is a lovely place with plenty to see and explore! The scenery is amazing as the North and South Thompson Rivers meet here. For those that love the outdoors, it is ideal for hiking and bike riding. In the colder part of the year, the ski slopes are full of people that range in skill from beginners to experts. The Eastern area of Kamloops, BC is home to amazing wildlife. This includes bears and cougars.


This is an extremely popular area for those that wish to take part in outdoor adventures. This includes self-guided events and those that are hosted by a professional guide. It is a great area for hunting and fishing. It is also fun to explore the trails on horseback. The Rocky Mountaineer is a train ride that takes you through the lovely scenery while you sit back and relax.

The area is full of fun events that change frequently. Make sure you look at the calendar of events for the days you will be in Kamloops, BC. There are sure to be plenty of activities you will add to your agenda! The possibilities for lodging, dining, and nightlife are endless. You can choose a hotel in town that is conveniently located to restaurants and shops.

Others choose secluded cabins where they can fish from the back door. They enjoy the view and the privacy these alternatives offer them when they come to this area. The variety of options ensures every tourist can have the experience they want. They can pick options based on their preferences and their budget.

Tournament Capital

Due to the hundreds of tournaments hosted here annually, the area is often referred to as Canada’s Tournament Capital. There are several different golf courses and sporting facilities in the vicinity, and they all host different tournaments. These events draw large numbers of people to the area both to participate and as spectators.


Explorers came to this area in 1811 from Europe. The fur traders survived the harsh winter there with the Secwepemc. The following spring, they set up a trading post called Fort Cumcloups. The Secwepemc people moved closer to the fort so they could benefit from trading there. It was a mutually beneficial relationship.

In 1862 the prosperous area was hit hard by the smallpox epidemic. It started in Victoria, but it didn’t take long for it to spread all through British Columbia. The fatalities were high, even with smallpox vaccines being given at the fort. Only about 1/3 of the Secwepemc people survived the epidemic. The land that was once theirs soon began to be settled by colonists. The gold rush of the 1860s brought tons of people to the area looking to get rich.

The rich history of Kamloops, BC is alive and well. It is seen in the vibrant art and diverse culture. There are several museums and historical markers in place that depict this history. The reminder is there for the locals and it is a learning opportunity for those that visit the area.